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If you happen to have a copy of your current auto insurance declarations page, feel free to attach it here. You can obtain an electronic copy of your declarations page from your current insurer.

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While you may be renting your home, chances are you own most of the stuff in it And while your landlord's insurance policy on the home typically covers the building itself, protecting your valuables is your responsibility. Renters Insurance coverage can help you to replace your belongings. You might be surprised how much everything in your place is worth when you add it all up!


Personal Property- This is the coverage that will help to replace your belongings after a loss. One of the great things about renters coverage is that it protects your belongings anywhere in the world - whether they are stolen from the trunk of your car or out of your backpack in a Paris hotel.

Personal Liability - This provides coverage in the event you are sued because someone is hurt in your apartment or because you or someone covered under your policy accidentally injures someone.

Medical Payments - You renters policy can also help cover medical payments up to a certain limit if a guest or visitor is injured on your property.

Property Damage - Renters insurance coverage for your apartment or house follows you wherever you go, so if you accidentally break or damage someone else's property, your policy can help pay to replace it.

Additional Living Expense - If you can't stay at your place because of a covered incident, this coverage can help pay for a place to stay, among other things.

Replacement Cost Coverage- Many insurance policies allow you to opt for Replacement Cost Coverage (RCC) instead of actual cash value (ACV) which provides replacement of your possessions at the current market value instead of taking into consideration wear and tear or prolonged use.

Insurance Riders- If you have expensive watches, jewelry, furs or other valuables, your policy will cover your prized possessions up to certain limits. This protection is on top of your standard policy.


Since Renters Insurance is already affordable, opting for the very cheapest coverage you can find might not be your best bet. To find the right policy, we recommend that you compare policies to find the one that suits you the best. Having said that, there are a few things you can do to improve your rates without reducing your protection.

Improve your credit score- Customers with higher credit scores often receive lower insurance rates.

Deductible - Generally, the higher your deductible, the lower your rates will be. We recommend you balance the amount of risk you can assume with the amount of protection you need.

Shop Rates- Insurance companies vary a great deal on their rates and coverage options, so it's important to compare several options.

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