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Kind Of Investor

The Master Investor The Losing Investor
Believes his first priority is always preservation of capital, which is the cornerstone of his investment strategy. Has only one investment goal: "To make a lot of money." As a result, often fails to keep it.
Knows he cannot predict the market's next turn. Believes he has to predict market's next move to make big returns.
Believes that capital preservation + consistency = big gains. Believes big profits can only be made by taking big risks.
Has an investment philosophy, follows it, and has an objective. Has no investment philosophy, no plan of action, and no objective.
Buys only companies he understands, holds them forever and goes contrary to the crowd. Buys anything that is hot on a tip and follows the herd mentality.
Pays cash for securities so he never has to sell to meet a margin call. Buys on margin which amplifies his losses when things go down.
Buys more when the market goes on sale. Sells when the market drops.
Does not believe in diversification, always buys as much as he can of an investment that meets his criteria. Lacks the confidence to take a huge position on any one investment.
Hates to pay taxes and other transaction costs. Arranges his affairs to legally minimize his tax bill. Overlooks or neglects the burden that taxes and transaction costs have on long-term investment performance.
Refuses to make investments that do not meet his criteria. Says no to everything else. Has no criteria, or adopts someone else's. Cannot say no to his own greed.
Is continually searching for new investment opportunities that meet his criteria and actually engages in his own research. Likely to listen only to other investors or analysts whom he has profound reasons to respect. Is looking for the thousand-to-one shot that will put him on easy street. As a result, often follows the "hot tip of the month." Always listening to anyone labeled as an expert. Rarely makes a deep study of any investment before buying. His research consists of getting the latest "hot" tip from a broker, an advisor or yesterday's newspaper.
Has the patience when he can't find an investment that meets his criteria to wait indefinitely until he finds one that does. Feels that he has to be doing something in the market at all times.
Holds a winning investment until a predetermined reason to exit arises. Rarely has a predetermined rule for taking profits. Often scared that a small profit will turn into a loss, cashes it in, and regularly misses giant gains.
Is aware of his own mistakes and corrects them the moment they become evident. As a result, rarely suffers more than small losses. Hangs on to losing investments in the hope that he will break even. As a result, often suffers huge losses.
Always treats mistakes as learning experiences. Never stays with any one approach long enough to learn how to improve it. Always looks for an "instant fix."
His returns increase with experience, eventually spending less time to make more money. Rarely learns from experience and tends to repeat the same mistakes until he is cleaned out.
Is not interested or concerned with what others think about his investment decisions. Is always talking about his current investments "testing" his decisions against others' opinions rather than against reality.
Knows how, when and whom to delegate to. Selects investment advisors and managers the same way he makes investment decisions.
Lives far below his means. Probably lives beyond his means.
Invests for stimulation and self-fulfillment, not just for money. Enjoys the thrill and the process along the way. Is motivated by money, thinks that a quick profit is the way to easy riches.
Is not emotionally involved with what he owns, can walk away from any individual investment. Falls in love with his investments.
Lives and breathes investing twenty-four hours a day. Is not fully dedicated to achieving his investment goals (even if he knows what they are)
Puts his money where his mouth is Adds little to his net worth through investments, very often his investment activities are hazardous to his wealth. Funds his investments (and makes up his losses) from somewhere else.

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