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Investments Plan

What you should expect from us

1. Helping you achieve your financial goals is our most important job. Once we understand your needs, risk tolerance and time horizon, a personalized portfolio is crafted for you.

2. We will keep you up to date on your portfolio. You will hear from us regularly because consistent communication is important to help you remain com fortable with your investment strategy.

3. For your additional comfort and security, accounts are held at well-known, secure institutions specializing in asset custody and your money is accessi ble to you at any time.

4. Your fees are based on the value of your assets managed ranging from 0.8% to 2.5% annually. We don't earn commissions on trades. We are a fee only firm with no conflicting royalties. This transparent fee structure aligns our interests with yours. When you do well, we do well.

5. Hold ourselves to the highest standards of ethical behavior. We have a fiduciary responsibility to you and nobody else.

6. You will be in total control of your investment strategy, our role is simply to help and guide you.

7. We will be upfront about investments, risks, costs and potential rewards.

8. Manage investments with prudence, a long-term perspective and never forget that it is your money, your dreams, your future.

9. Stick with the investment strategy through thick and thin so your investments grow free of taxes and costs, enable you to sleep well and accom plish your dreams.

10. Always do the right thing. Entrusting us with your future is a huge responsibility and it is one we take to heart.

A few things about us and some facts

1. We are long-term investors. We are not traders. We do not speculate or try to time the market.

2. We only serve the long-term investor.

3. We believe in sticking with our long-term investment strategy in good and bad times by focusing on preserving your capital first and then worry about growing it.

4. We believe in compounding gains over long-term and strive for above average consistent returns. "Slow and steady wins the race."

5. We believe compound interest does great things for the long-term investor. Discipline, hard work and controlling emotions is the success.

6. The individual investory has averaged 2.11% in the last 20 years compared to markets with an 8.19% return. That is an underperformance of 74% annually. This has to change!

7. 90% of money managers underperform the market. The reason? They get in "popular" investments, follow some "guru" and/or investors who are liquidating their shares.

8. We believe it is time that money managers earn their fees and not be a burden to your returns.

You are the perfect client for us if:

1. Your advisor's idea of crafting a financial plan is showing you charts and spreadsheets.

2. Your advisor's idea of building a portfolio is loading up on just anything that is popular.

3. Your advisor treats you like a number, not keeping you up-to-date with your strategy.

4. Your advisor is too busy to talk to you because you have a small portfolio.

5. You feel your advisor's interests are not aligned with your own.

6. Your advisor is steering you toward certain investments that may not be in your best interest.

7. Your advisor talks down to you, uses jargon or waves away your questions.

8. Your advisor is churning your account, costing you an arm and a leg in costs and fees.

9. Your advisor is making more than you are.

10. You feel left out and not in control of your investment strategy.

11. You really need to be in control of your financial destiny and need the help and guidance of an honest financial advisor.

Our Mission

To Empower the Average American, Fulfill their Financial Destiny, Build a Legacy and Live a Prosperous Life.

What we can help you with

Tax Free Retirement

Wealth Management

Wealth Transfer

Financial Planning

Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds

Life Insurance

Critical Illness and Final Expense Insurance

Home and Business Insurance

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